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Skills testing

Too often a decision is made based on our instinct as to how a candidate might perform rather than fact.

The Talent Propeller testing module can help you make informed hiring decisions.

Talent Propeller has a full suite of skills tests available, suitable for nearly any role or environment. Whether you want a general overview of a candidate’s character and key strengths or an indication of a specific skill set, we have a solution for you.

Our suite of tests include:

Accounting and finance, clerical, call centre and customer service, retail, specific software skills such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, IT and programming languages. We have aptitude tests that measure sales ability, leadership qualities, general work ethic and keyboard tests such as data entry and typing.

Whatever your role, we have a suitable skills test to aid your decision making process.

I am utterly impressed with your online format. Completely 21st century.... Online test assessments, video introductions…very clever!
Alan Macdonald
Alan Macdonald
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Case Study Read about how we improved DT Kings recruitment process.
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