Oct 01, 2021

How many great candidates are you losing?

The average conversion rate from ‘Apply Now’ to ‘Submit’ is 32%. How many great candidates are you losing? If you have advertised a job vacancy recently, you will know that it’s getting harder and harder to get candidates to apply. That’s why it’s important to understand how many candidates you might be attracting but then losing at the application stage.

Do you know where your application form ‘drop off’ rate sits right now?

The ‘drop off’ rate refers to how many candidates click to apply to a job advert, then change their mind and don’t bother to complete the form or upload a resume.  

It’s worth taking a moment to find and consider these stats for your organisation because, in today’s tight talent market, incomplete applications are like bad advertising: a waste of time.

Here at Talent Propeller, we take pride in our analytical approach and track statistics because it’s our mission to give clients the best advice to help them fill their vacancies fast. We know, from years of experience (and more than 3 million applications every year), that in 2021, the average completion rate of applications from ‘click here to apply’ to ‘submit’, is just 38%. 

In other words, employers are buying lots of job adverts, but losing 62% of potential applicants before they complete the process.

If you are advertising and struggling to fill roles, firstly, crunch some data. Find out what your drop off rate is. Talent Propeller customers can get this quickly using the REPORTS tab on their dashboard.

If you aren’t using Talent Propeller’s response management system, you may be able to get the data from the job boards you’re using – compare the clicks reported, to the actual applications received. Some drop off is normal but the trend is accelerating this year, as unemployment is low, there are record job numbers and candidates have plenty of options.

If your drop off rate is higher than you’d like it to be, have a look at what might be turning candidates off.

Are you advertising on a job board that forces candidates to set up an account before they can apply to you? Is your application form long, difficult or asking candidates to repeat information that’s already in their resume? Do you have web pages that are slow to load?

Most importantly, is your application process mobile friendly? If not, that’s likely to be costing you dearly. In the 12 months to August 2021, mobiles have overtaken desktops now for market share worldwide, with less than 50% of internet users accessing a desktop. So, if they find your advert online via their mobile, but can’t apply, that’s going to be a problem.

Sometimes, candidates will start an application but then get distracted and forget to finish. Talent Propeller introduced a handy ‘reminder’ feature this year, which emails candidates with incomplete applications a reminder before the campaign closes.

We know what works and have helped hundreds of clients to improve their response rates. We’d like to help you improve yours. Reach out to us via email/phone or connect via our socials.