Sep 07, 2021

Talent Propeller’s Top 10 product updates in 2021

We may have been in and out of lockdown this year, but our technology development team have kept their pedal to the metal and delivered some great tech updates! Now’s a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the new features your Talent Propeller candidate management system can offer you.

From new time-saving features to updates that make it super easy for candidates to apply to your adverts, here are the tools you have on hand right now to reinvent your recruitment process in 2021.


1. Real time data to support ROI decisions

Data and analytics help us to make better advertising decisions, so in 2021, we’ve focused on building the reporting tools within your Talent Propeller system. This enables you to identify how well your advertising campaigns are performing and where to best invest your recruitment $$.

Within the Reports tab on your dashboard, you will find reports outlining which media are delivering the most candidates, which candidates are converting to applications and how many candidates are dropping off when they see your application form.

You can also track your time to hire, your advertising spend over a period of time and number of repeat applicants. No more delays: we now deliver real-time data to your fingertips.


2. Integrated Requisition Platform and ‘one click’ approval to hire streamlines internal sign off

Email chains between HR, department managers or the CEO when you need approval to hire can slow down the time it takes to get new feet under the desk.

Talent Propeller customers can now access a Request to Recruit and Approval to Hire plugin, which allow you to systematically approve hires before advertising and obtain approval to hire once the recruitment process is complete. Hiring requisition requests can be placed, approved and then turned into advertising bookings. 

It's maximum convenience and transparency across all key players in your team, in a fraction of the time. Even better, the approval to hire will collate all information of your successful candidate, giving you one record of candidate files, approval to hire, and eventually their contract and onboarding documentation.


3. Edit emails to candidates ‘on the fly’

A key feature of your Talent Propeller portal is the ability to do bulk emails when you need to communicate with candidates.

But you’ve told us that sometimes you want to customise an email as a one off, so we have added a new feature that enables you to edit content directly from the ‘Manage Applicants’ area. You can even save this as a template for future use, rather than having to create a new file!

That’s another tick for convenience that keeps your busy day moving.


4. You can now delete draft bookings

A small but effective feature enabling you to keep your dashboard tidy from the advertising tab. 


5. Rerun an old advert quickly and easily

From your advertising library, you can now click ‘repeat’ and a new booking will be created, complete with media, content, application form and location details… duplicated from the original booking. 


6. Advanced search functionality makes it easy to find and export bookings data

Need to find a particular booking by job title or branch in your ‘Advertising’ tab? Simply switch up your view and find out what you need to know in seconds. You can also export booking data if you need to provide reports to your team about number of adverts per branch or per job title etc.


7. See which candidates have been emailed updates and which haven’t

A drop-down filter tool inside each campaign from the ‘Applications’ tab will quickly show you which candidates have been emailed about the outcome of their application, and which ones haven’t. More consistent communication means happier applicants. Happier applicants mean better results in the long term.


8. ‘Save for later’ makes it easy for candidates to put their best foot forward

Not all candidates are ready to apply when they first see your advert, (perhaps they are scrolling through job adverts during their lunch break or on the bus), so the ‘save for later’ feature will be helpful. Candidates can now save your role mid application and return later to finish it. 

An added bonus is the email reminder that is sent to candidates 24 hours prior to your closing date, if necessary, to remind them to complete.

In today’s competitive talent market, whatever you can do to make life easier for candidates improves your response rate.  


8. Get to know your candidate with a video introduction

A CV can be very one-dimensional and when you’re looking for presentation skills, you can’t beat a video. Get to know your candidate by asking they complete a video introduction instead of a covering letter. This exciting feature is customisable, so you can ask questions to your candidates such as “tell us why this role appeals” and “what will you bring to our team?”


10. Manual upload of candidate files

If you are being emailed CVs or having paperwork dropped off in person, you can now add this candidate’s details to your Talent Propeller portal once this feature is turned on.


If you or your team need help navigating any of the new features, our account managers are standing by to help. If your team are all at home in lockdown, now is a great time to schedule extra training. Book a free online session now by clicking on the “request training” button on the home page when you log in or call your friendly account manager.