Nov 05, 2020

Sea change, tree change?

“Employers can now choose not just the best talent in their area, but the best talent in the world.” If COVID has shown us one thing, it’s that business can still be done outside of an office.

Whereas there was once a paradigm that staff couldn’t be effective without being physically present, 2020 has helped us evolve. A crash course in technology has changed the way we work forever in many sectors, presenting exciting opportunities for forward-thinking managers.

For employers, the availability of skilled and qualified staff is a challenge in many areas. 

In big cities, people do not want to spend hours commuting so are actively searching for jobs closer to home. Your perfect candidate may not have applied to your role in 2019 because it was an hour from home. If your business has adapted to get things done during lockdown, you already have the groundwork in place to consider a revamped staffing strategy that may now secure such a candidate.  Can you keep any new habits from 2020 to create a work environment that opens up opportunities to talent from outside of your local area?    

Reducing office face-time requirements from daily to weekly, or even monthly is an option that widens your geographical reach for talent. Many large corporates are reconsidering their big CBD office leases and instead of setting up satellite hubs in suburban centres around the city, increasing flexibility and reducing travel time. Co-work spaces are expanding exponentially and are an excellent option for SMEs, offering flexible office and meeting room space that can scale up or down as required, depending on where your workforce resides.

2021 is also a great time for businesses in regional and less populated areas to think global.

Could your regional business leverage this new and improved confidence with Zoom, Teams and Skype to hire highly-skilled candidates that don’t live locally?  In the main centres, there have been a high number of restructures, which means more candidates on the market and looking for new options. This presents a great opportunity for forward-thinking regional businesses to grow using technology and a revised staffing strategy.   

The workforce is on the move too.

Upheaval in industries such as travel have caused people to reassess their options, with it not necessarily being a requirement for many now to stay in the city. Regional property searches have surged in many parts of Australia and New Zealand from August to October, with evidence that some families are strongly considering a tree change/sea change to go with a new career or industry. It’s predicted that 2021 will see some population movement out of cities.

Now is a great time for businesses in regional areas to get on the front foot and make a case that influences decisions about relocation. A savvy advertising campaign in cities can reach skilled candidates, promoting the benefits of applying for work with regional businesses, including work-life balance, cheaper housing, shorter commutes and a community environment.

If you’d like advice or assistance to help find talent outside of your traditional backyard, we’re here to help. We work with all media in the country and are experts at relocation campaigns.