Sky Bus NZ Case Study

I didn't think it would work. How wrong I was…
HR Manager, Sky Bus NZ

Our client implemented these three recruitment aspects to improve their overall process and delivered great results. By taking our recommendations Hiring Managers reduced their overall time to hire by 70%.

Services used:

Careers Website

Candidate Management Tools

Advertising Services

Video Interviews

Skills Testing


Industry: Transport
Employees: 400-500
Average Roles per month: 1

The Challenge

SkyBus needed a solid, transparent recruitment process that not only attracted great talent but also identified that talent faster than their current model.

Recruiting was often in bulk with multiple positions needing to be filled at once. Their process was time-consuming and many candidates would come for interviews who appeared to be a good fit on paper but did not turn out to be so in person. This wasted additional time and resource.

The cost of the traditional model they were adopting was exorbitant, out of budget and, at times, was a complete waste when the candidate didn’t work out early on.

Recruitment Objective

An advertising strategy that put the right advert in front of the right candidate and encouraged them to apply with transparency, ease of applying and a means of tracking their application.

A means of quickly assessing the candidates that applied to identify talent and reducing time to hire.

Lowering cost of recruitment on bulk-hires.

The Solution

  • Create effective recruitment adverts targeted to the specified demographic
  • Utilise video interviews to identify suitable candidates faster
  • Implement the Talent Propeller shortlisting service to streamline the whole recruitment process from advertising to hiring

We designed several advertising campaigns to specifically target the demographic that SkyBus was looking for. This included designing eye-catching layouts and smart content to draw readers in. We then selected the best advertising mediums which was a combination of bus shelters, digital and traditional job boards.

The advertising generated over 100 applications, which were fed through the Talent Propeller response management tool. Through a suitability score, candidates with the necessary experience were immediately identified. In addition, video introductions were implemented so each candidate was able to submit an introductory video of themselves, which outlined why they wanted to work for SkyBus. This allowed the hiring team to assess each candidate's communication skills, their personality and their overall 'fit' for the company.

From here, the roles were shortlisted and face to face interviews were booked. Prior to the scheduled face to face interview time, candidates were sent an online Customer Service Aptitude test, which identified their potential strengths and weaknesses. This enabled the interview team to tailor questions specific to each applicant and thus delve into their strengths / weaknesses in more detail.

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