Millbrook Case Study

Using Talent Propeller's system is invaluable to our hiring process, not to mention it's fast and incredibly cost effective
Katie, Millbrook HR Manager

Services used:

Candidate Management Tools

Careers Website

Advertising Services


Industry: Hospitality & Tourism
Employees: 100+
Average Roles per month: 15

The Challenge

Millbrook don't just hire anyone. In an environment that demands quality and excellence they need to identify people who have the skill and attitude to maintain the legendary service Millbrook is famous for.

With people moving quick and fast in the hospitality industry their key challenge was finding a fast yet reliable solution that meant they could keep running whilst meeting seasonal staffing demands.

Recruitment Objective

Prior to working with Talent Propeller, Millbrook relied on placing ads directly on job boards like SEEK and Trade Me Jobs as their source of potential talent. This meant receiving hundreds of emails straight to their email inbox. Millbrook needed a solution that would:

  • Allow them to place adverts fast
  • Remove inbox clutter
  • Reduce admin time

The Solution

The right tools to find the best people

Here's how the Talent Propeller recruitment tools provided a solution tailored to Millbrook's needs

Response Management
  • Using Talent Propeller’s candidate management tool the team at Millbrook screens all applicants from multiple media who apply for the role. Applicants are sorted in order of suitability.
  • As well as providing a platform to receive applications, the response management tools are key to organizing bulk responses to candidates, including editable shortlist and decline emails.
  • Talent Propeller's Response Management tool not only ranks and categorizes candidates neatly based on their questionnaire, they can also be screened out using 'no deal' or shortlist candidates – useful for requisites such as visa requirements, and 'must have' qualifications.
  • Using the Talent Propeller Pumphouse system any user at Millbrook can request to place an ad across any media that will be actioned within minutes. If that means requesting an ad at 3pm on a Friday afternoon it means it will be up that night.
  • Aided by Talent Propeller's unbiased media advice based on what media works best Millbrook have been able to run multiple campaigns on targeted media such as Facebook and wider traditional formats such as local newspaper Lakes Weekly Bulletin.
  • Integrated with their response management tool Millbrook can see during any time period where applicants are arriving from, and how much they are spending on that media.

With Talent Propeller, Millbrook have the solution to place adverts in any media fast, then rank and categorize applicants in the same place. With no contract in place uses the tools they want when they need to help make their recruitment fast and effective.

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