MEGA Case Study

We have faith in the system, the process and the people
Shane Te Pou, MEGA HR Manager

Talent Propeller's Shortlisters package including candidate management, phone interviewing and advertising services has been the perfect partner for an organisation that's constantly on the hunt for the best talent their industry has to offer. By using Shortlisters, Mega has reduced their overall recruitment cost by 70%.

Services used:



Industry: IT
Employees: 100+
Average Roles per month: 3-4

The Challenge

With a mission to provide secure and reliable storage to millions of users across the world, MEGA have aimed to hire to meet industry demands and achieve market growth that the success of a business in the IT sector relies on.

With growth opportunities emerging fast their key challenge was finding a fast yet reliable hiring solution that meant they could meet this demand without the admin pressures of recruitment.

Previously, MEGA told us that trying to organise it themselves was not only an administration nightmare, it meant that they were having to deal with a constant barrage of recruitment agencies trying to solicit business. "It was almost to the point where you felt harassed" says HR Manager Shane Te Pou.

MEGA weren't after a costly recruitment agency to shove people into jobs, they needed a partner to identify their pain points in hiring, then to provide the tools and expertise to make sure they could make great hires and keep a pool of candidates streaming through.

Recruitment Objective

  • Admin: A service that would take away the burden of having to look at hundreds of CVs.
  • Advertising: MEGA were after advice to identify the best media opportunities to find ideal candidates
  • Transparency: It was important to MEGA that the human aspect was never taken out of the recruitment process. They needed to know what candidates are applying and what skills they are bringing to the market

"You can’t take human out of Human Resources after all..." – Shane Te Pou.

The Solution

Over the past 12 months Shortlisters has helped MEGA facilitate:
  • 25 hiring campaigns
  • 24 resulted in successful hires. (The one they didn’t hire, the role changed and has since gone back to market).
In a snapshot Shortlisters helped MEGA by:
  • Having a detailed discussion around a brief, knowing exactly the person they are looking to fill the vacancy and preparing an advertising strategy.
  • Writing and proofing up the advertisements to go into all media, while setting up a tailored response management system to identifying key people
  • Ensuring all candidates were communicated with throughout the process, strengthening MEGAs employer brand.
  • Providing transparency around the process, with detailed transcripts, phone recordings and all candidates details available for the team at Mega to review what lead the Shortlisters team to make their decision about each candidate.
  • Not being driven by placement fee ensures the Shortlisters team are driven to put the candidate that is best for the role, in the role, regardless of salary.

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