Leech and Partners Case Study

As Chartered Accountants, we expect people to use us for our recognised expertise. Wherever we can, we do the same, and it is for this reason that we use Talent Propeller.
Chris Heffernan, Leech and Partners

By engaging our Shortlisters service to manage the recruitment process, our client managed to slash the time spent on recruitment by 88% and decreased their cost per hire by 75%.

Services used:



Industry: Finance
Employees: 38
Average Roles per month: 1

The Challenge

In mid-2012, Chris set about hiring a Receptionist for their Ashburton Branch. He placed an ad in the local paper at a cost of $300 which resulted in 15 applicants. Chris interviewed each of these applicants and hired the person who seemed to stand out as the most suitable candidate.

Unfortunately, this did not out to be a successful hire, and the person left within 90 days. In all, Chris spent 25 hours of his time (which might otherwise have been billed out at $290 an hour) without a successful result.

Recruitment Objective

Leech and Partners is an accounting firm with 38 staff spread across two offices. As the company has no dedicated HR Professional, HR and recruitment duties fell to Chris Heffernan, one of the Directors. After already spending considerable time and money on an unsuccessful hire, Chris went looking for a cost-effective solution that would save him time by outsourcing the bulk of the process, but still give him control over the final decision.

The Solution

In September 2012, Chris decided to use the Talent Propeller Shortlisters service. Chris was given a shortlist of candidates to meet and at the insistence of Sharon Davies (the Shortlisters Specialist) he met with a candidate who was unsuccessful in the last round who re-applied to the second advert. This new employee hired through the Shortlisting service has made a great impression at Leech and Partners and is now a valuable part of the team.

This time Chris spent 3 hours on the recruitment process and made a great hire for less than $1000 with a new advertising strategy to reduce their advertising spend. The response management tools cut down the amount of time they were spending on administration and allowed them to manage the recruitment process much more efficiently, saving time. The resumes feature enabled this organisation to tag good candidates and build a talent pool of potential candidates which again, allowed them to reduce costs.

First Scenario Second Scenario
25 Hours spent on recruitment$290 per hour3 Hours spent on recruitment$290 per hour
Cost per advert$300 (one advert)Shortlisters Cost#$995
Total Spend$7,500*Total Spend$1,865

* not to mention the cost of a bad hire

# This cost includes the price of advertising placed on selected third party websites

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