Heritage Hotels Case Study

I would recommend Talent Propeller as our process is now much more efficient.
HR Manager, Heritage Hotel Management

Our client implemented these three recruitment aspects to improve their overall process and delivered great results. By taking our recommendations Hiring Managers reduced their time spent on recruitment by 66%

Services used:

Careers Website

Candidate Management Tools

Advertising Services


Industry: Hospitality
Employees: 850
Average Roles per month: 13

The Challenge

Hiring Managers were managing the recruitment process manually and wanted a more efficient process.

With Hiring Managers based at multiple hotels, there was no consistency in the process and no visibility for head office HR.

The advertising and branding was not consistent across the multiple hotels.

Recruitment Objective

Heritage Hotel Management needed a system that could support a decentralised process but allow for visibility and quality control of the process. They also wanted to ensure that their branding and communications were consistent.

The Solution

Talent Propeller set up a careers website, which allows each hotel to showcase its individual brand. We also created advertising templates and ensured these were used consistently across multiple media. Each Hiring Manager was given access to the Response Management tools, which meant they were able to manage the process themselves. As all bookings and applications go through a centralised system, HR can monitor the process, and ensure quality control and consistency.

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