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Often applicants look great on paper, but a face-to-face interview can quickly prove that they are totally unsuitable for the role. So before spending valuable time on face-to-face meetings, you can request Talent Propeller to complete a phone interview on your shortlisted applicants. These services help to ensure you are spending time meeting only the most qualified and relevant applicants.

Our expert recruitment consultants will complete a comprehensive 20-minute interview and submit a full transcription of the discussion including a report on our comments and findings. You can also request a recording of the interview if you wish to listen to it in full.

To take your preliminary screening to a new level, utilise our video introduction tool. This tool enables candidates to submit a 1 to 2 minute introduction video of themselves, which enables you to gain a direct insight into their personality and culture fit for your team. Popular amongst our clients who handle graduate recruitment or bulk recruitment for retail roles, this tool can expedite your shortlisting process by 35%

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"It has made the recruitment process very easy for a company of our size that does not have a dedicated HR department."

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By combining technology with leading recruitment industry experience, we partner with our clients to create recruitment packages that remove the expense and time wasted using traditional recruitment agencies and out of date processes.

Our team is diverse and the combination of our skills ensures that we are at the forefront of the recruitment industry, able to innovate and lead change. By working with us, you have access to the latest candidate attraction trends and strategies, the best technology to streamline the shortlisting process, and unbiased advice on how to save recruitment costs.

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