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Make managing applications simple, cost-effective and fast with the Talent Propeller Candidate Manager tool.

Our unique candidate management software is the solution HR Managers and Recruiters throughout Australia choose to streamline their recruitment process. Being a web based solution allows you to access it at any time and means you don’t have to rely on a paper based system anymore. Our solution is designed for simplicity of use, allowing you to manage applications quickly, effectively and painlessly.

Furthermore, Talent Propeller believes in charging for what you use, not for what you don’t use. The costs of installing the software and the use are an important part of the return on investment.

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Benefits of working with Talent Propeller:
Pick and Mix Recruitment Solutions
Set up your selection criteria
Software should not come in a one-size-fits-all solution. Talent Propeller offers a "pick and mix" pricing model, allowing you to select the services that are most relevant to you and the ability to add or remove services at any time.

Applications suitability
It is critical to understand the effectiveness of your recruitment activity which means understanding what media you are hiring from, how long it takes you to fill vacancies (time to hire) and your average advertising spend. Talent Propeller's recruitment system delivers on all these areas, providing you with real time, live statistics which enable you to make informed decisions.

Job distribution
Post your jobs instantly to all of your chosen media including your careers website through the Talent Propeller advertising interface. Select which job board, social media, third party firm or your careers page and post. It's that simple!
Our candidate management tool is unique in the fact that it ranks each applicant in order of suitability as they apply via your application form. This enables you to immediately identify the best fit for a role which can speed up the recruitment process considerably. This feature also ensures you avoid missing out on the best candidates who are likely interviewing elsewhere!
Access for Managers
With multiple levels of permissions and access capability, you can empower your Hiring Managers to be involved in the recruitment process from the start. Via their own login, Managers can see the roles available within their department and follow the HR team's progress from shortlisting to interview with notes and status tracking.
Talent Pool
Through Talent Propeller's candidate management tools, you can source and alert relevant candidates in your talent pool to upcoming vacancies. This enables you to not only reduce advertising costs but to fill vacancies faster from within you own database. You can identify candidates by key words or by notes written against their application/s and send communication easily via instant bulk emails.

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Applicant Tracking Software
Applicant tracking software is essentially a platform that enables organisations to effectively manage their recruitment process, saving both cost and administration time.

In selecting a recruitment solution or ATS provider, the choice will be based on the features available to meet your requirements and the cost for these features relative to other providers. Talent Propeller provides continuous collaboration with you as your recruitment solutions provider and analyses how our system is addressing your requirements and earning a return on your investment. After all, isn't value for money more important now than ever before?

Certain 'must haves' in a recruitment system may change over time, as might the services offered by the applicant tracking software (ATS) provider. Your account manager with Talent Propeller will be more than happy to liaise with you to ensure that you are receiving the maximum possible return on investment and be happy to discuss any additional services or facilities that may become available and be of benefit in terms of contributing to improving your recruitment process.
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